The gym was founded in 2009 by Nick Brewer and Mike O’Hagan, the original concept was to produce an environment that was split between a gym and a martial arts academy. Nick had been running a successful martial arts club in Worthing for over 10 years, so the concept was to incorporate the existing club, with the benefit of a full time space the option was there to bring in other styles and disciplines such as MMA,Thai Boxing and Boxing.

The gym flourished for many years and produced incredible athletes claiming many professional championship titles across different styles, we were already established as a gym that helped people , we sponsored young athletes to complete and build their careers, working with lots of local organisations in the community from training young offenders to control their emotions to educating school children with the benefits of healthy diet and healthy body., the gym raised £1000’s of pounds for other charities through various events and sponsored shows, Nick and Mike decided to establish the gym as charity in 2019.

In 2020 the COVID pandemic forced many gyms to close for a period of time, this was an extremely hard time for the Bar Gym, until a long term friend of Nick and Mike, James Randall kindly stepped in and financially supported the gym through this period and beyond, allowing us to reopen and continue our amazing work in the community.

We still firmly believe that the Bar Gym is unique in many ways from other gyms , from the moment you arrive you feel welcome and supported whether its from our friendly staff or our long term loyal members who are all on hand for advice to steer you on your journey with us…...

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